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Документы Rexnord

Brochure: Oil & Gas Industry Solutions (англ.)

Couplings for gas compression and process equipment

TCO: Thomas Disc Coupling Saves Maintenance and Downtime for Natural Gas Facility (англ.)

As a result of its vast coupling and application expertise, Rexnord identified the Thomas® Series 52 Disc Coupling as the ideal replacement for the installed gear coupling.

Brochure: Falk Steelflex Grid Coupling (англ.)

These industry standard, high-performing grid couplings are the best option for many high-torque, high-vibration applications.

Product Sheet: Falk Lifelign Gear Coupling (англ.)

Triple-crowned teeth are engineered for minimal wear while accepting high misalignment.

Brochure: Thomas XTSR Disc Coupling (англ.)

Long-lasting coupling with standard and custom designs for API, balanced, and high-speed requirements.

Product Sheet: Omega Elastomeric Coupling (англ.)

Excellent vibration dampening and high-misalignment capacity, for extended life of connected equipment.

Product Sheet: Addax Composite Disc Coupling (англ.)

Lightweight composite coupling for easier installation, eliminates need for intermediate bearings and extends system life.

Product Sheet: Wrapflex Elastomeric Coupling (англ.)

Replace-in-place design for quick installation and replacement, patented hub and flex element design ensure long life.

Catalog: Falk Orange Peel Rotating Shaft Guard (англ.)

Available in polyethylene, aluminum or steel for better life and performance.